Ancient Secrets spa products are the embodiment of timeless ingredients and philosophies from around the world harmonized with advanced natural formulations to promote regeneration, healing and balance for supreme beauty.

Age old healing philosophies focus on striving towards achieving balance & healing, creating inner beauty which can radiate even through the skin. Based on these traditions and philosophies, we have included precious ingredients that have the ability to penetrate further working internally to remove toxins, promote anti-stress, and encourage healing while beautifying the skin topically for a natural youthful glow. This Karmic beauty is maintained from one’s ability to create true balance through harmony, a passion for life, inner self worth and a healthy mind & body.

Along with development of therapeutic products, Ancient Secrets continues to play an active role in providing education and training on a variety of subjects relating to natural skin care and wellness through seminars, courses and articles that are published in spa, health, and beauty magazines.


To develop the best quality natural products that incorporate well being and nurturing with result oriented topical care. Our goal is to have those using our products be inspired to live healthier more balanced lifestyles.

Along with this, to continue increasing awareness on natural skin care, anti-aging and wellness, through innovative approaches in education and training.


Our facility is located in beautiful Vancouver, BC Canada where all of our research, development and manufacturing is conducted. We are GMP certified and house state-of the art equipment for creation, filling and labeling.
Our facility also incorporates an in house quality control and quality assurance department where all of our formulations undergo thorough testing.

Our team of experts work together to develop advanced formulas that focus on the use of natural alternatives vs commonly used synthetic ingredients in
the development of all of our products.



Sherina Jamal, is the founder of Ancient Secrets Inc and began the company in 1997. The company was born from her desire and motivation to develop better quality face and body care products that are created using more natural based ingredients vs commonly used synthetics.

From the start of her company, Sherina has made education a priority and has been involved with offering seminars, courses, making television appearances and writing informative articles covering a variety of subjects relating to natural skin care in top health, beauty and spa industry magazines. Her professional experience in the skin care industry has spanned almost 10 years, and she continues to be actively involved in integrating innovative and informative methods of education with superior products.

She is involved in the development of educational conferences through Ancient Secrets and also volunteers her time to the Leading Spas of Canada Association. Sherina continues to offer workshops and seminars at local and international industry conferences. In 1998 Sherina was the proud recipient of the Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award given by the North Shore Chamber of Commerce and in 2006 she received a memorable volunteer service award from the Leading Spas of Canada Committee.

As Director of Product Development, Sherina works hand in hand with her team of experts to create beautifying and therapeutic products using unique natural ingredients. She continues to research natural ingredients from around the world to incorporate into new formulations.

She believes in giving back, and therefore will be involving Ancient Secrets in a variety of charities this year and in the years ahead.

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